Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vegas. Day of Departure.

Last day.
Brasil wanted to eat cheesecake while she was here.
Made it happen.
We walked around some more.

Get me out of here.

Bye Vegas....forever.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Vegas. Day & Night Two.

This is when I tried to stay raw in Vegas.
You better believe I ordered a green smoothie.
The waitress was like, "Do what? Put spinach in your smoothie? I don't get it."
Just do it already citag.
Okay, I said that last part in my head.
She was actually very accommodating to my weird requests.

More disregard for what might be happening when taking a photo.
I am beginning to wonder if Brasil is thinking about switching teams.
This is when they took their giant to lunch.
This is when Kathe figured out I really am a giant.
"That is new information!"-Kathe.

After lunch Kathe left and it was just the sisters.
Brasil shopped all the live long day whilst I studied and took a nap.
Then we went to dinner.
Someone is not a fan of sour.
Met Marilyn Monroe.
She was convinced I was a designer that designed my own dress.
I told her otherwise, but Marilyn believes what she wants.
We stopped for a pick me up.
Someone (me) needed Red Bull before I fell over from exhaustion.
Good news.
The Red Bull worked.
Caffeine, chemicals, and sugar will cure anything.
My new friend from Montana.
He said he did not do well gambling this trip.
Stay away man.
Gambling sucks.
We walked around trying to be tourists.

Then some other awesome Australian tourists that were convinced I was a Katy Perry look-a-like and wanted pictures.
That is real life guys.
Oh, and our other new friends we met previously happened to walk by in this moment of Katy Perry-ness.
"Hey, Tyler!"-Me.
Brasil died laughing that I remember names of people.
She talked about it her entire trip.
It is something I am usually good at.
I learned it from Dale Carnegie's book How to Win and Influence People.
Try it. You'll like it.
Fake double date with buds.
Guess what is not the door to the bathroom?
Random and fun.

Then I was all sorts of, "Brasil, remember when you lived here and I was going to be the president of the swing club? I've still got it."
She hated swing dancing back then and I have no idea why I needed to prove I did not lose the skill.
I would hate to dance with me though.
I tend to lead like the freakishly strong man I am.
Dancing with the Stars here I come.
Guess who was tired before everyone else.
I will give you one guess.
The old timer also known as me.
So I left Brasil with her new found American prospect (best story of the trip) to be a responsible adult and sleep.
Maybe it was not so responsible to leave her.
Hmmm. Oopsie.
I cannot be blamed for what happens when I am tired.
It is not a pretty sight when I want to sleep.
Think child throwing a tantrum.
They are practically about to get married in The Little White Chapel.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vegas...later that night...

Brasil tried to figure out the meaning of life in Vegas.
I think at the end of all the thinking she determined we should give up and be cat ladies.
Life's a beach.
Then she decided to snap photos with no regard to what may be happening in the background.
Just some changing.
No big deal.
Stacey, you killed it in the makeup department.
This is when a complete stranger high fived Stacey.
The purpose of the high five was to ensure none of us ever get a boob job.
Thanks for the random lecture stranger.
Pretty awes if I do say so myself.
On our way to dinner.
Best friends that are always crazy together.
Stace, remember when we used to work together and every day was like this?
Some of the best times of our lives.
Yeah....I just spoke for you when I said 'our'.
My Dad said I can.
Hot Mom alert.
I am so happy you decided to come last minute Kathe.
You are always cool like that.

Remember the time when you demanded that we all get fortune cookies?
My Dad would tell you that you need an A.A. right here.
Attitude. Adjustment.
I accept.
Best friends, but not that guy in the back of us.
He is not included; like the movie Batteries Not Included circa 1987.
Of course I made new friends.
Elvis was one of my most favorite new friends of the night.
Guys, you should have seen how hard Brasil was laughing when he gave me his sunglasses to wear.
I am surprised she was able to even take this picture whilst she was shaking with laughter.
I love making her laugh.
Kathe and I are aces when it comes to meeting new people.
In fact, she may be even more outgoing than I am.
More new friends.
Kathe, you are killing it in the hot face department.
I bet you get at least a thousand requests for dates from this entry and these photos.
Babe alert.
I bet his name was Bob Dylan.
At least that is what it was in my head.

There seemed to be a lot of hugging that night.
I am getting so good at hugging in 2010.
I guess I can check "Learn How to Hug Like a Normal Person" off of my 2010 bucket list.
"Yes, Americans are still crazy, but at least I met a prospective American to make out with."-Brasil
This is when Kathe tried out for Paris Hilton's X.E.S. tape.
And I thought I was going to miss these two.
Classic Vegas.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Road Trip.

Per the request of Brasil, we went to Vegas to be tourists the next morning.
If you are wondering, we did not stop the entire time she was here.
This was the first time she pumped gas in her life.
Look at her growing up.
We picked up Kathe on the way.
Girls trip alert.

Brasil claims (lies) that I did not teach her anything when she lived here 13 years ago.
No swearing or slang words.
Those classy items were on her list of things to learn while she was here.
Kathe stepped in with a list to help her out.
I even learned a few new things.

Someone was all tuckered out from all of the vacationing.

Go go Gadget neck.
Post it notes in the car equals the only way I could study.
Still a multi-tasker.

This is about the time when I thought Stacey would kill us for taking so long to get to Vegas.
Sorry Stace.
We were on Brasilian time.
Breadsticks and peace signs.
Very American Brasil.

After a long day of driving we finally arrived.
Check-in time.
That is my business face.
I dumped all of that stuff out of my purse.
It was clearly time to organize it.
Not that I don't love carrying around a glue stick, nail polish, multiple pairs of sunglasses, receipts and other things...