Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Snail Mail Love

These were waiting for me in my mailbox when I came home from single Mom town.
I have amazing friends that send me mail.
Impeccable timing Moriah and Sam.
I needed these that day and I loved/love them.
They are proudly displayed.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Not A Single Mom Dot Com

There was this one week. Or nine days. That I babysat my second cousins.
We did a lot of things and had all sorts of fun:
1. We colored.
My guess is most people reading this found some of my amazing coloring in their mailboxes.

2. Made chocolate milk.
3. I used my Mom face when someone stole my camera like a ninja.

4. Talked to the parents at night.
5. Built forts.
6. Made green smoothies.
She loved them.
7. Picked up kids from school.
8. Dressed up.
Or maybe she just found those in my coat pocket, put them on, and yelled, "Hey babysitter! Look at my necklaces."

How could I get mad at that face?
9. Watched the sunset.

10. Tie-dyed shirts.
11. Read books.
12. Ate wooden food.

13. Cleaned up.

It has been years since I was a full-time nanny.
Except for that one day it was great.
You know the day, the one where the kids were crying, the dog rolled in poop, the smoke detector went off and more.
I emailed every friend that was a Mom that day because they equal amazing.
Maybe being a Mom in your thirties is not allowed.
I mean.
I almost cried over a smoke detector going off just as the kids had finally fallen asleep.
Maybe I should go ahead and post that email I wrote. It is pretty funny with lots of swearing.
The email is sure to offend most, almost give you an anxiety attack (Jordan), or it will read like everyday at your own house (Cody).
Oh, and....
Daylight savings and kids do not mix if you are wondering.
I really do love these two kids so much.
I have since watched them again.
They are my buds, but I am not Jesus.
I sometimes lose my patience and cry over smoke-detectors.
That is just how I am now.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mimicking Birds & Tim Kasher

This was the night I went to see Mimicking Birds.
We were happy.

He was fake sad.
He carries this shirt around in his man purse.
Mimicking Birds.
Great show.
After Mimicking Birds, I met this guy to go see Tim Kasher.
I. Love. Tim. Kasher.
His solo album is great.
He sings about real life in the most beautiful way.
He always does.
I will always be partial to The Good Life though.
He played some of those songs.
I was happy since I have never seen The Good Life, just Cursive, and they are equally as good.
Tim Kasher is true talent even live.
One of the best shows of the year for me.

After Tim Kasher, Josedo wanted nachos.
We waited for this guy to fix the cheese machine.

He had no faith in the employee's cheese fixing skills.

The end.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Halloween has been awesome the last few years.
This year was no exception.
To think I used to hate Halloween.
What an idiot.
Look who won Publishers Clearing House this year.
She deserves it.

First, we went to a house party to see a Misfits cover band, except we missed the band part.
Someone was late (me) and that mustache was a work of art that took some time.
At least we did not miss these amazing costumes.

Second, we went to another random ski house party.
All strangers.
How do we get in these situations?
This is when someone asked if we were love partners.
We played the part.
Serious hugging happening in my life.
I don't even look awkward or maybe we are really just secret love partners.
Third, we walked all over the city listening to Oh Sherrie by Steve Perry.
Classic song and so many good memories associated with this song now.
We made our way to Urban... see this band.

Friends were there.

Fourth, we went to Jackalope.
These two became models while we were there.

Fifth, back to Martha's for homemade food.
Did or did I not tell you she always whips something fancy up to eat?

She might kill me for posting this but this is my favorite picture of the night.
This is what pink curlers do to hair.
Her face...priceless.
So happy to be a winner.
Other people throughout the night were winners too.
Just look: