Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Modest Mouse

I have wanted to see Modest Mouse live since I was in high school. That dream finally came true, and it was worth every penny of the overpriced ticket.

I cannot explain it, but my life changed that night. It was like things from the past melted right out of my body onto the floor. Thank God and good riddance.
That moment was years in the making.

Pre-show with the greatest friends.

Roller Derby

Once upon a time in the summer of oh nine the three of us went to see a roller derby match. The experience was like nothing else I have ever seen. Everyone should experience it at least once in their life.

Yep. Belly Dancers.
Girls beating up girls via roller skates.

After the match I tried to do a trick off of a cement wall. Injured myself. Then I tried to ride this bike with the weird handle bars. I managed to stay injury free on the bike. Apparently the key to staying injury free is not to do tricks. B.O.R.I.N.G.

Later on in the night I met Matti, Dave, and Moriah. Two new friends, and one old friend. I laughed all the live long night at our winning conversations. It will forever be known as the pony and peach night in my head.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Farm Day

Reason 203948230984 why I love my Daddy. He will spend hours driving catering to the kid's requests to driving the tractor. Very honorable. Kids can be demanding little &%"$'s, but we tend love them and their whiney ways no matter what.

Nice farm face.
My Aunt and Uncle stopped by unexpectedly. They brought my cousin's kids with them. You know those times when you do not see your extended family for years, and then you are reminded of how much you miss them? This was one of those times.
I miss being little and staying up laughing all night with my cousins.
Ahhh. To be under 12 again. No responsibilities and no cares in the world.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Hogle Zoo Wine NIght

Hogle Zoo hosts a series of wine nights in the summer. Sometimes they include 7 course meals, and other times it is a wine and cheese testing. We chose the latter.
Let me just tell you that it was an incredible experience.
I was all sorts of soaking up the culture.
Next year I want to go to all of the events. The snacks are delicious, and so is the atmosphere.
It kind of looks like we are dating in the photos below. Hahaha. Too bad I do not swing that way. Right Sooz? Tee hee.

Animals just roamed the event like the little guy below. My favorite was the armadillo, but somehow I missed getting a photo.
Such a great night. I highly recommend it.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


I stole these pictures. Stole. Thanks MOriah.
Once upon a time an invitation was extended to me to attend a girl's day at Snowbird.
This included incredible food, breathtaking scenery, and stimulating conversation.
Win win situation.
I met some cool new people.
I do have to say that MOriah and Paula are amongst some of the greatest people I have met in my lifetime. Oh, and they skate too. Bad ass chicks. Do people still say bad ass? I do not. I just thought I would try it on for size. It was not a match.
The are cool, hip, and amazing.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

M. Ward

Let's first talk about how blogspot formatting is still terrible. This photo will not go where I want it and I am leaving it that way. I blame it on blogspot and 9/11.
Internet and real life friends.

Weekly trek into downtown Salt Lake. Bikes are love. Look at the fun that is being had.
This is what the sky looked like on this Thursday night. Eerily beautiful like the sounds of M. Ward. I love me some M. Ward. Favorite song? Chinese Translation. Listen and love.

Bike break.

Shortly after this picture a group of teenage boys tried to steal our bikes. It reminded me of how much I hated Junior High and dumb boys.

Hairdresser love.

Friends forever and many ghost orbs trying to steal our friendship thunder in this photo.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Craft Lake City Part Two

This is how happy a fixed bike makes all of us.
Likes this.

From the bike shop we rode to Decades to do some shopping.
I. Love. Love. Love. This store.
There are all sorts of treasures waiting be found.
Treasured hats.

You better believe that I would actually wear the blue hat every single day if it were allowed at work.

After Decades we finally made it Craft Lake City at The Gallivan Center.
There were many local artists selling incredible items.
There was also a rockabilly family band.
The little boy front man could sing and dance like he was in The Stray Cats.
Top two favorite purchases of the day were these picture. Yes, they belong next to each other.
It was meant to be. Maybe even cosmic.
That is Bill Murray on the left.
Oh Bill.
This is where I stopped taking pictures. The rest of the day included a REAL game and going to see a band with friends.
This was definitely one of the best days of the summer.
I love fun filled days.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Craft Lake City Part One

This Saturday of fun started out with breakfast at Park Cafe.
Love. Love. Love that place. Lauren and I like to share french toast. It is perfect.

This may or may not have been Lauren's reaction to me spilling my coffee.
Classic face.
What else is great about The Park Cafe besides the food?

The artwork.

One day I will buy some art from this place....preferably of Bob Dylan or Kenny Loggins.

Oh Gwen.

Perfect day for a bike ride in the park.
Too bad someones no-longer-white-walled tires got a flat.

First we started walking to the bike shop. Then we decided that it would be way faster for Michael to pump Lauren. Watching those two try and pull that off was nothing short of hilarious.
I got the lucky job of holding Lauren's injured bike whilst peddling my own bike through the park.
We should have paid someone to film these antics.
Do not worry. We made it to the bike shop in one piece.

Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth is legendary. I really do not think this was a legendary performance for me to witness amongst a million people. Too much. They did play some hits, and that made up for the masses.

This is when I matched my lips to Danimal's t-shirt.
Love these girls. Want to have fun? Hang out with them.

Best early Christmas present.
Thanks MoRiah for the Dew Tour tickets. You are so thoughtful, and how proud are you that I did not lose them?
I ran into this guy. We decided to take a faux engagement photo next to the porta potties. Romantic or what?

On our way home Dani decided that running into the pole behind her in this photo would be an excellent idea. I am pretty sure witnessing this Evil Knevial moment was one of the best parts of the night.

I love summer.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Movie Night...Again.

I made the weekly trip down this street carrying way too many blankets and pillows for everyone. Always the Mom of the party.

This is what I do when I wait for everyone to show up. Eat and Read. Two of my most favorite things.
I also made some new friends that spoke of their sex change journey.
Very interesting process and sounds painful in every way.
Also, two forks in my homemade salad because I share.
Sharing is Caring.
P.S. I love the way David Sedaris writes. His words can make me laugh three sentences into any story he tells. Thank you NPR for showcasing his work often. David Sedaris has a seat reserved for him at my roundtable fantasy dinner. I have many questions to ask him....and Santa.
Outdoor movies and friends equals love.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Summertime Family Time

On this day of summer my family got together to celebrate my Mom's birthday.
I love my Mom.
She kills it in the Mom department.
I laughed so hard this day that I was crying. Tears of joy. You will see why. Picture taking was at an all time high of hilarity. Reason 023948320 why I love being with my family.
Non stop laughter.
Anyway...This guy below came to the soiree. He was a moody as ess this day. Good thing he is cute or I would have phased him right out. At least his Dad made up for his ignoring ways in this picture. Nice eyes Jord. They scream happiness.

The resemblance is uncanny.
This is where things got great. We decided to surprise everyone with an up close and personal picture in the face. The results were to die for. We all look so terrible that is almost beautiful. Almost.

Family collage coming right up.

Look at me getting on board the cat lover train. It had to be documented. It did not last long.