Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Almost Vacation Time

In less than 24 hours I will being seeing my friend Hillary. Can you believe she can look this cute while being delayed at the airport AND in a cell phone picture via text? That is talent.

She is just fun people. I seriously cannot wait to get out of here, although on the Debbie Downer side, I will say my flight is super early. Not looking forward to that after going to a show tonight. I will be looking good tomorrow. We are going to have the time of our lives. I can just feel it and feelings don't lie.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rohen's Day of Random Face Making

I seriously love my nephew Rohen so much. So much I gave him the nickname of Ron or Ronald. His parents did not like that at first, but it caught on. This kid has the best personality. I might be his weekend nanny this winter while Jordan works. I really hope that works out because he is so fun.

Hours and hours of dumping dirt in the dump truck. Who would have known I liked doing that too?

We were all sitting there talking as a family and he busts out all of these random faces. He would just stare at me with these faces until I would laugh and then he would move around the room looking at everyone. Like I said, he is the best. I love how hard Jordan is laughing.

His happy face. The best part? My Dad in the back. He was trying to get him to do his mad face but he turned around and flashed a big smile. He could be a little stubborn.

His funny face.

No words for the cuteness.

His mad face. I could hang out with him all day long.

His hilarious mad face again. I dropped his rocks he was dumping with his backhoe and this is the look I got, then he turned around and went back to playing. Did I mention he is only two? Dies.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Another Friday Night

A stage. I like the art.

Marty, Me, Candice, and Russel waiting for the music to start.
Why would they call a porta-potty a Honey Bucket? I don't get it.

Candice let me wear her hat. Not too shabby. I want one right now. Everyone must have a fedora. Christmas is just around the corner.

Candice is says, "Don't do drugs yo!"

Friday, July 25, 2008

Crown-Mason Jennings

De La Soul

Trax or the tram as Melissa would call it. Melissa is giving Katie/Debbie a mustache to cheer her up. That had to be the reason, because that works every time.

This chick is is celebrating Pioneer day in style. I think she forgot the ribbon in her hair is for presents. Silly trax girl.

I don't know. We were planning some great pictures and then somehow came up with this little gem. All I know is that Megs and I had the most fun in the 10 minutes we got to hang out. Just look at us. How can you not have fun with a girl that has a Slip n' Slide birthday party at Sugarhouse park?

Me, Carly/Katie, and Melissa. Check out the girl in the back of us with the blue shirt. Scary.

Me and Georgelifedotcom. Somehow I managed to get my own engagement photo just like Melissa did last week. Who would have thought we would end up at an SEM show after De La Soul? It was great. Also, I kind of think Georgelifedotcom looked better in the sweet 80's shirt he was wearing in Jeff's birthday post. I am just saying...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Steel Days

I went to the Steel Days parade with my brother and his family last Saturday. Parades are still great and there is some really random floats. I only took this one picture. That was not great of me. I just didn't really feel like it. So what.

So my favorite things about this picture?

1. My nephew's friend on the left looks about 40 when he is actually 13 ish. Can't you just imagine him shaking your hand and saying, "Hi, I am Brad and I will be your stock broker?" I can. I don't even know his name but he looks like he could be a Brad...or an Andrew...but Andy when he is on the basketball court.

2. Brady, on the right, has the best look on his face. Where did that come from? Notice his shirt says Got Muscles? I am going to have a little talk with my brother about that one. Not great.

3. The red weaved lawn chair in the back of them. That must be the Cadillac of all lawn chairs. I need to go pick one up down to the ol' Wal Mart.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I love the Port.

On our way out to see the Falcon we stopped at this little guy to take a picture. Even if you gave me a million dollars I couldn't tell you what kind of airplane it is. I can tell you that the propellers were on the back of the wing. Perplexing. I can also tell you there was something very suspicious in the back seat in a black bag. Scary.

I can tell you what kind this one is for a million dollars. Aviation knowledge is going to get me far in life. I can feel it. I mostly like that I think I am the President and that I have a Diet Coke. Classic.

Right before I became the Pilot in Command (I know Lauren and Pepper are so jealous of that) they said be careful not to touch ANY buttons when you climb in the seat. Okay! No problem retired military guy that can probably snipe my ass. So what do I immediately do after the warning? Hit buttons with my head as I am climbing in. Smooth. Very smooth. Also, I don't think Lauren should be touching that thing. I am just saying.

Totally rockin' the thumbs up. We were laughing so hard the entire time. Oh, aviation humor. So funny.

This was from a few months ago. I would like to note that I never get ready for work anymore. I give myself 15 min. to get ready and I look H.O.T. Don't blame me. Blame the fact that I can't sleep anymore.
Lauren and I decided that this was going to be our fun bus to Wendover. We go out to take a picture. We take a million because we are laughing so hard the entire time. Plus our camera guy is super shy, hilarious, and we were bossing him around. After we were finished we looked over and there were two buses full of guys waiting to board the fun bus. I bet they loved every second of our random poses. I bet they also loved my cordless phone. Work comes first. Duh.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Andrew Bird

Melissa and I went to Andrew Bird at the Gallivan Center. It was so fun. Andrew Bird is great if you didn't already know.

I look like a giant next to her. Also, a little known fact about Melissa and me. We were internet friends first and now we are in real life friends. What are the chances? Well, maybe there are a lot of chances. It is 2008.

This is what I think of the free show.

Turns out Melissa is the greatest and becomes friends with everyone she meets. Look at this picture? It could be an engagement photo. Yes, yes it could be.

I love artsiness and downtown. There is nothing better than music outside.

I was reunited again with someone from the past. It took us a couple of minutes to figure out how we knew each other, but we did it! He claimed it was from some kid named Joel? Look Wesley, I don't know a Joel, so shut it.

What? Another engagement photo? This was one of the pianists at Keys on Main. Aren't they cute? I would marry them.

Melissa is so fun! Wait, I am fun. We are fun. After this picture was taken I sent the text to my friend that said, "I just got beer spilled in my eyeball. Believe it. Drunks are crazy." Ha ha. My eyeball! Who says that anyway? I was clearly not happy about the drunks that night.

I love dueling pianos. I think I could do this job and love every second of it.
Other great things that happened that night:
-On trax on our way to SLC there was a guy pretending text. He was actually fake texting. He kept repeating, " I love texting." Hahah.
-On trax on our way home, there was a gangster girl that was 2 seconds away from beating us up. I don't know what we did but she was not happy. Good thing we played it cool because there was almost a dance off gangster style between us. I was relieved, mostly because I was not prepared with the appropriate bandana.
-We got free Taco bell from two people we endearingly called New York and Alaska/47. Somehow I end up with nicknames for everyone.

Friday, July 18, 2008

King Khan & the Shrines/Jacuzzi Boys

This is by far one of the best and most entertaining shows I have ever been too. I mean just look at them. They even have a cheerleader that dances around with pom pom's. That is her main job! I am jealous and will submit a resume immediately. King Khan had amazing costumes that included a cape, beads, and a mask. If you haven't checked this band out, you really should. Worth the $10 Jordan spent on it for me. $10! A steal I tell you.

This is the singer from the Jacuzzi Boys. His eyes do that when he sings. They are really good too.

I love this picture of Megan. Haha. This was right after she invited the whole band to sleep on Jordan's floor. That equalled me having to sleep in an unexpected place. Thanks Megs and thanks King Khan.

Jordan loves toast and looking like an old man. I think he was about to say something really serious right here. Probably something about being vegan or dying.

I think Will is telling me how he is famous in this picture. He and I had the best time driving around after the show looking for fries and listening to David Bowie's Magic Dance. Yes, you read that right...the song from Labyrinth..over and over...and over. It was during our singing and dancing when I took a picture of us and then somehow deleted every picture on my camera. Good one. Will liked to claim he was from the area and knew where fries were. He did not. I also asked him if he had ever played that game King Khan when he was younger. He reminded me that I wasn't even close. It is Donkey Kong guys. Yes! I love my brain.

A little clip of the greatness that is King Khan. Be prepared to fall in love.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I know. I know. Rough photo. My friend who equals awesomeness took this with her cell phone and sent it via text. Let me tell you why it is so great. This guy was driving around Salt Lake with his snowboarding goggles on as if they are everyday driving sunglasses. Seriously, look closely. You can catch a glimpse of them. Brilliant. This is obviously why I have a blog.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Airport Fun

Lauren and I really needed our picture by this Sikorsky. Too bad it started right up when we posed saying my new last name. It was so windy! I think we look amazing. I am really hoping to get a sweet flight suit like Lauren's, I hear it gets husbands. That is just the word on the street though.

It was so windy from that helicopter that the line guy had to hold down that airplane next to it. I kind of think he was faking it. He doesn't look that strong. Whateves show off.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Best News.

It is official....Bob Dylan here we come. I better get a shirt like Jordan's to wear for the special occasion....except maybe I will cut it and sew it so it can look slutty. Tee hee. Kidding guys. Calm down.
I think my parents might even join us. Yeah, my parents are hip, can you dig it? It would be the best family outing ever. I have to talk them into breaking the Sabbath first. That could be quite the task but worth it. I mean, Brother Dylan could die at any moment. How could someone even think of missing out?

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Roots

I knew it would be a great night one I saw this guy. He was as very adamant that if I took a picture of him it was to be a picture of him and no one else. Yes Sir. Check out that hair.

Yes, we were so close to the stage. Not. (Yes, so bringing that word back too.) There were a million people at this show. I couldn't find anyone.

I finally found these guys. How depressing would it have been if it was just me watching The Roots by myself with a sad face? My sad face is pretty good though, it might have actually been a good photo.

I am demonstrating to these guys how to say my new last name I am going to give myself. Yep, I made up a kick A. last name. It is going to have an exclamation point and so anyone who says it has to say it whilst pumping their arm in enthusiasm as pictured. I am also going to give myself a middle name while I am at it. I haven't decided on that one yet. Probably something cool like Emilee Bilbo Baggins.

How is it raining?

Jeff with the wax statue Brandon.

This kid tapped me on the shoulder and then did nothing when I turned around. Um, funny joke guy. So we pretended to take a picture of ourselves and this is how it turned out. Not too shabby. I think those two were mimes.

My favorite two people of the night were this dashing young couple.
Look closely. They traded one shoe with each other....kind of like Sadie Hawkins for shoes? How is that for romantic. Look at her throwing her head back laughing, this must be true love and happiness. Sold.

Lauren was showing me how stuck up girls look. If you are in the market to be a jerk girl and don't know how to look stuck up Lauren says you should squint your eyes, glare a little, and stick out your lips. It is as easy as 1,2,3.

What is better than Lauren's re-enactment of a girl we saw? I will tell you. This random kid jumped in the picture as I was taking it. I was all, "What the?" He was all, "I do what I want" And I was all, "Don't get up in my grill." Then I punched him Okay, didn't happen but I asked the kid his name because he looked familiar. Turns out he is a kid I used to babysit! What are the chances I would recognize him, let alone see him?


I was supposed to go to the show with Jordan but I couldn't ever find him and that was lame and sad. I finally found him at the end of the night. We saw Harley, another kid I used to babysit. I used to be rich due to my mass amounts of babysitting skills. Harley and Jordan are funny and I laughed a lot pre and post photo.