Friday, October 31, 2008

My Dad

It took me a long time to figure out that my Dad is one of the greatest people on the planet. To think I missed out on many great years because of my stubbornness! Really cool me. Lessons Learned. My Dad has been so great to me, and really taken care of me in the last two years. I would truly be lost without his help and advice. In fact, I am pretty sure I wouldn't have survived at all. There have been some rough days.
Things that I love about my Dad:
  • He always takes time to listen, even if he doesn't have time for it right then.
  • He will drop everything just to help me. Seriously. This guy is the busiest guy I know and he is always willing to help. Wait, not just help, go over the top helping.
  • He never cuts corners. Ever.
  • He is brilliant. No really he is. If you have a question; he has the answer. He even reads the dictionary. Believe it.
  • He has always taken care of me and my family. I am downright spoiled thanks to him. Yes.
  • He is generous. It is overwhelming.
  • He is thoughtful.
  • He has taught me so many skills. I am independent because of those skills, which is good thing.
  • He is weird, in a good way, just like me. I like it.
  • He is spiritual.
  • He is the hardest worker I know. Thank you for passing that down to me.
  • He makes me laugh.
  • He is supportive.
  • He has tried everything. I want to be just like him and try it all.
  • He is an excellent businessman. I loved working for him and watching him in action.
  • He lets me be me. The real me.
  • Most of all he loves me no matter what.
Oh man. There are so many great things. I could go on and on. I have loved getting to know and understand him as an adult. It is a good time. I am overwhelmed with gratefulness to my Dad. He should win awards.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Airport Photo of the Day

Tiny People. Big Helicopter.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Weekend Fun

Taking a picture while holding three bikes proved to be difficult. The three of us decided to go on a short bike ride that WAS NOT short. It took us five hours, but it was worth every minute.
Things that happened on this bike ride:

-They talked me into a marathon and a triathlon.
-Pamela tried to set me up on a date. Veto!
-I left them in my dust because mountain bikes are the slowest on the planet.
-They found an injured cat that needed help, thus the long bike ride.
-A lot of talking and laughing.

We went from Lehi.......

to the windmills in Bluffdale.

My mom and me. Tee hee.

Later on that night I went to Jordan's house. He was making this sweet mask from stuff around the house when I got there. He is incredibly creative guys. Then we went to Yelle where I had the best time. My hawaiian adventure camera case did not make an appearance that night so I don't have any photos. Sad face. (Unless you decide to develop your's fisheye. You know who you are. March it.)

Monday, October 27, 2008

Melissa's Birthday!

Two great friends. Love them.
Happy birthday bud!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

FOUR Sale.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This Song Feels Like My Life

Jaime and Aaron Visit!!!!!!! (Extra exclamations because it is just that great!!!!!!!!!)

Who is still this close with friends from High School? That is right, I am.

Aaron as a nevernude( He is not joking.

There were millions of kids at this get together and I only got a picture of one. How is that possible? Ruby is the cutest. I typed Rudy first, I think that name is better. Right Nads?

This is how we looked right before we went to freeze our eggs.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rohen Visits the Airport

Rohen and Pops.
The old lightening bolt.

He loves monster truck videos.

We love coloring.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Monday

This is Amy and I NOT full moon canoe-ing. Apparently everyone was convinced we would die in the we went to dinner instead. It was equally as fun as dying in a canoe.
After dinner I went home to visit Jordan. He had knee surgery on Monday. I got some stellar phone calls from him that day. They started with him whispering/yelling, "Emilee, I am on drugs!" Hahaha. I laughed all day. Best ever.

Jordan shows me how to do sweet tricks with crutches and how to leave every door open when making dinner. Okay, maybe that wasn't him.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What I Did Over the Weekend

Watched Jordan type sonnets on his new typewriter from my Gramps because it was too cold for Frightmares.

Dehydrated a lot of fruit. This isn't even half of the fruit I had. Delectable.

Went to Blair's new house party. This is the only photo that turned out. It is a good thing because that is one winning pose. Note the candy corn, it was tossed by us just as the picture was snapped. Supernatural? Maybe.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I have the best memories of my Grandparent's house. It was always my most favorite place on the planet.

The park used to have the best attractions, sadly these are mostly gone. This slide still stands but should be condemned.

Jordan really fancies the swings.

Rohen wanted to show me how awesome he is at driving his truck on this bench.

We used to have the best family reunions around this table. I miss that. Attention all cousins: Abbie and I want to plan a future reunion. You should all get on board.

Rohen's new truck jammies. He was so excited. I would also like to point out the orb in the picture. Coincidence? I think not.

Look at the treasures we found! Serva-Snack?! Brilliant. My grandparents threw some great parties.

I tried to convince Jordan that this would look perfect in his kitchen. It was a no go.

The pink room! Look how creepy this picture turned out?! Haha. All toys I loved when little, sans the Mace which I found in the spice cupboard. Uncanny.

Why is this book great? Well, apparently it won an award for "The Most Complete Blender Cookbook Ever Written." Ever written? I need to get my mitts on this book.

Brent and Suzan with the best kool-aid popsicle mold ever. They are the cutest. I had so much fun with Aunt Suzan.

Mindy with my Grandma's recipes. Mindy is amazing. I don't know how she does everything and she was instantly my hero. For real.

Trae is so effing cute. He told me he was going to catch a ball in that thing. Spot on Trae. Very clever.

Rohen loves my Mom the most.


Check out that shawl. The best part? It smells like my Grandma and I never want to wash it. Never ever. I have been sporting it around the barn and I am in love.


Friday, October 10, 2008

My Camera Case Is On the Fritz.

Last week I went to Jef Doog's show. Why was this night great?
1. The music. Jef is one talented guy; even if he never sings the praying song. My favorite! Everyone should experience his hip hop show.
2. I got to hang out with Lauren. That never happens anymore because she is the most motivated person on the planet and works two jobs. (We hate two jobs Lauren.) She is fun people...I have proof of this in a video I have of her rapping.
3. Megan came! We haven't got to hang out like we used too (she is half married) and I miss it. She is awesome and makes me laugh. I love the place we are both in now. Much better. Plus creepy guys stare at her and that is always entertaining.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Down with People Premiere

The nephews. I love these boys so much.
Patiently waiting for Jordan's movie to start...and I mean patiently...slowest people on the planet. If you haven't seen his new part in Down with People, you should.

I left the premiere to have dessert with these chicks. So fun! Natalie and Diana are friends from High School. We had a lot of dessert. Why order one when you can order three?!!