Monday, September 28, 2009


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Terrible Tues Tips: Make a Song with Mendenhall

Terrible Tues Tips: Make a Song with Mendenhall

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Monday Night - Movie Night

Throughout the summer The Gallivan Center showed Alfred Hitchcock movies every Monday.
Each Monday quickly became a favorite.

Of course bikes were included.
We found some rad friendship bracelets at an Indian store on the way.

I was trying to prove to Mag that being pumped is exhilarating.

A heart speaker for someone that hearts their iPhone. This heart speaker added some much needed music to the ride home. Heads will roll!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Snail Mail Surprise

I had the following conversation with my friend and fellow massage therapist:
Lilly: Will you make me a copy of Messages From the Body?
Me: Yes, if you send me money since it is practically a thousand pages.
Lilly: Done.
A few days later I picked up my mail and found an envelope packed full of curious items.
This is what I found:

It included:
-Acupuncture needles
-Business Cards
-A Bandaid
-A copy of a ticket from the fuzz
-And more

This may be one of the most brilliant and creative pieces of mail I have ever received. It was a glimpse into a life other than my own. It made my dreary day.
Lils, if I had one ounce of your creativity I would probably be famous. I love that you view everything as an artistic opportunity.
Thank you.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Electoral College

In high school my main form of entertainment was going to shows. Most of my friends were in bands. We were all just kids, but my friends managed to put on incredible shows. Going to see a live band was always way better than a lame brain killing movie.
You better believe I still have every album made by my friends on tape, and I still listen to them.
During the summer fun of 2009 some band members reunited from the days of yore for a show at Urban.

Turns out they have still got it.
They played the hits.
I felt like a teenager again.
A teenager that could get into a bar.
I vote for a Vapid reunion next. Make it happen Brandon.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Summertime Bonfire - Mid Summer

Summertime bonfires in the city are not a good idea. Why? Because it is hot enough outside without flames. Nevertheless, they are still a good time.
Nevertheless, they are still a good time. I think it is the people that make the experience.
I am so glad I learned that lesson early on in life.

This is when Josedo informed me of a cute cuddly dog growing up that he absolutely adored. Mugsy was her name. According to my Mom I picked her out, because I could not live without her. Yep. I was a dog lover for T minus 10 minutes, and I do not remember her one bit. Shocking.

This was Jordan's incredulous reaction to my lack of memory confession.
The Creative Director and Extra Nate went pro and making fires.
However; they did not go pro at bringing Smores to our summertime bonfire.
That made me question our friendship.

This guy stopped by for a few minutes. We had a long talk about how Skittles taste like pine trees. He wholeheartedly agreed.

Fire pit success.

Sufficient Nate wasting cigarettes.
Wasting forces people to quit smoking.
We are good friends.
Worst timer picture.
We accidentally cut out Extra Nate but he was there in our hearts.
Two people candidly happy.
Who wouldn't want to hang out with these barrel of laughs?

The night ended with modeling lessons. "Just tilt your head like this!" I did not get it. Could not do it. I failed as a student, because I think everything is funny.
What a ruiner. Better luck next time.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bon Iver. Sometime in July....ish.

The night started out with an incredible spread of food and drink from the hostess with the mostess. Thanks MOriah.
Then we decided to be in a bike gang.

The Ops Manager decided we needed a new edition to our bike game, and put his convincing skills to work. He failed miserably.

I am pretty sure my entire high school decided to go see Bon Iver. Who wouldn't go? He is amazing.
I ran into a lot of people. Including this rad chick who no longer lives here, but was visiting. So great to see her. Yay for her getting married.

This is when my old life met my new life. It went off without a hitch.
Congrats to getting knocked up Hill.

Flashback experience numero eleven: When I was 18 this chick cut my long flowing locks that reached the middle of my back into a pixie cut. You are welcome Locks of Love for the free hair. Thanks Annik for doing a stellar job, and officially making me my brother's twin for many years.

Dear Bon Bon. You are dreamy. I would get take out with you.

Dear Ops Manager,
Remember when you had a pinata at your birthday party, and almost killed everyone within 10 feet of you? That was a great day.

This rad girl has her own cloth diaper business. It is brilliant. You don't believe me? Have a look for yourself:
Told you.
The moment I have kids you better believe I will be stocking up on thousands upon thousands.
Additionally, I think yellow shirt in the background should mind her own G.D. business.
This is when I wasn't allowed to be their friend because I don't have an iPhone. Aka. I live in the real world.

The day of Bon Iver was also the day I finally got a new camera. If you must know I also managed to drop it on State Street that day. These are the things that happen when one is going fast as lightening and doing mad tricks on a bike. Thanks for saving it Creative Director.
Anyway, I didn't know how to use the settings yet. Everything was blurry (obviously). Some guy tried to take our group picture, and it was horrible. Mags said, "Where is Stan (professional photographer) when you need him." Not two seconds later Stan aka Doublemint walked by.
That is just good non-fiction right there.
Thanks Doublemint for the photog sesh, and no thanks to your smart-A comments.

Love these two.

I let Doublemint ride my bike since he did not have one. Guess what that meant? Riding around the city on the handlebars. It is fun. Try it.
You might want to pay special attention to Stan's jazz hand. Very manly, and not at all something someone in the cast of Newsies would do./End sarcasm.
Overall the first night of Gallivan was way too crowded, but I saw lots of people that I haven't seen in a million years. That made it worth it.
I have great friends.