Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Suncrest Bike Ride

Check out those functioning tires. That is right. I learned to change my tires like a champ. On Sunday I decided to ride my bike to Draper from my house on Suncrest road. My goal was to accomplish that ride sometime this month. Check.
Uphill. Lots of uphill. Extra fun.

Almost to the top. The weather was perfect.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Tav.

Blair and me at the Tavernacle for her birthday bash. Dueling pianos. Singing galore. I am so glad we got to hang out. It was a blast!

Friday, September 12, 2008


The fair is rad.

The food is delish. Fried everything.

Ahhh. Best buds.

I love the Ferris Wheel. My favorite ride.

Rohen was really excited about the slide. You betcha we went on it.

Farm animals.

His face!!!! His face!!! He cracks me up.


Why does my arm do that? Oh, because I think I am constantly in a school play.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I went on a bike ride up Provo Canyon and this is the first thing I saw. An exceptional rastafarian car. I wish I knew who drove this little drop of heaven. Wait, I wish I knew who did the paint job.

My dream bike. This must be the Cadillac of all bikes.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ratatat After Party

I was trying to prove to everyone that I can smile with my eyes. It turns out it is just creepy. I kept it up all night. Don't blame me! Blame the creep stitches that make it so it hurts to smile.

I am pretty sure Megs is making fun of me. Cheers little buddy.
I am so glad someone got a picture of this. I had to hold my face every time I smiled really big. Andrew jumped on board because, let's face it, it just looks fun.

Willis. (R.I.P. Chad 100.)

Everyone can smile with their eyes. Try it.

They want to dance with somebody. They want to feel the heat with somebody.

They were very excited we scored the pool table.

So sad about my face hurting.

Megs wants Josedo to take a moment to think and really pray about it. Andrew maybe wants to baby bird him? haha. Yes!

Josedo Menzel (his new name) getting into the groove.

We were all thinking about the greatness of life in this moment. Well, maybe Willis just wanted to rub Josedo's belly.

Is this an engagement picture? Correction. Emo engagement picture.


Hahahaha. We look awesome.

Dancing was the best part of the entire night. This is the greatest dance you will ever see. Lumberjack at his best. (Please don't get mad I posted this. It is too great to not share.) I am jealous of him.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bob Dylan

My whole family went to Bob Dylan. Well everyone but someone who forgot to get tickets in time and now he is dead to me. We had so much fun. It was pouring rain and cold. Bob played some hits, it was legendary. My parents even had a good time. I highly recommend seeing Brother Dylan live.
The only picture I have from that night. I looked hot for Bob. I really had plans of seducing him until I got my face stitched up and looked like Skeletor. I was miserable for most of the night. I had a rough time standing with out throwing up. I will say the cold did wonders for the swelling and pale face....the picture is proof. It was all worth it.

How I looked after I got stitches in my chin and lip. Freak joke. Not great Marvin. Check out my drugged out pain killer bedroom eye. Who wouldn't fall for me?! This injury hurt like an M.F. er. My whole left side of my face was bruised too. This is the 3rd time to get stitches in my chin. Go figure. I couldn't eat for a week and that was the only good thing about it.

Thanks to Natalie for saving me by taking me to the emergency room at 0030. She has three kids and stayed with me until 0300. Three kids! I wouldn't have made it through the night without your support. I am lucky you live so close to the barn. Thanks for letting me have a breakdown and making me laugh at the thought of you holding a giant saltine. The doctor didn't think that was funny but I did. We win!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Neko Case. Behind On the Blog. What of IT?!

Jordan wants to wrestle you.

This picture was only taken to show the outfits of these two guys. Nice suit and ruffles guys.

Lumberjack, Willis-Sans Chancey, and Stringy Bangs. That could be a killer band name with some changes.

Megs and Marty.

Isn't this the most beautiful modeling pose you have ever seen? Andrew thinks so.


Friday, September 5, 2008

Reason 265463216 Why I Love Idaho.

Fancy vinegar in a little Idaho corner store. This must have been someone's desperate attempt to market vinger in a new exciting way. Don't worry. It is just normal vinegar. I personally think they should have just called it Xtreme Vinegar. (Fact. Adding Xtreme with the all important X makes products sell.) It made me smile on a really sad day.