Thursday, July 30, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Nothing gives real thanks like an impressive handmade thank you card. This is so beautiful I want to frame it. Arnold you have a true talent.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Jef's 2nd CD Release

This night started out at Jef's show. Once we sat down we made a pact with each other to each make a book. See above look. Yes, we confirm business deals with creepy staring contests.
The staring contestant on the left had just returned from a writing workshop. Completely jealous.
Perhaps that stare was me trying to pirate some of the knowledge in her writing workshop brain? Probably. I seem the type to steal.
We ended up at Dee's. Gross, but what do you do at 0100? This is after 4 cups of coffee for me. The caffeine is practically spilling out of my irises.

I believe that four cups of coffee is what made me so excited to find Skip's! (exclamation added because that is how it is said in my head. Exclamatory!) crayons.

I love the Doobie Brothers-Hip Hop-Jef-Utah-and-Music. Mash those all together, and you have a merry go round of entertainment for a song as heard above.

For more of Jef's entertainment see:

He also has an incredible song that houses The Bright Eyes-First Day of My Life as the back track.

All artsy photos courtest of Josh Johnston.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Lauren's Birthday

This was when I was a tourist in my own city.
Riding our bikes downtown....only the greatest thing to do.

We ran into Ops Manager whilst riding around. True bike love.

Carry the one. Divide by two. Square it.

Love, love, love the tan man's face in this one.

Dinner at Eva's never fails. It is fancy and delicious.

Art's Festival. I obviously love 3D art the most.
Happy belated birthday to amazing great friend.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rock Band Night

Have you ever had a corncoction? It includes the above on an ear of corn. Sound disgusting right? That is what I said, but I will try anything once. Trust me and try it.
Your mouth will react as if you have never had something delicious in your life. It is like your taste buds are finally woken.
High school friends acting like they are still in Junior High.

Rock Band is the greatest game invented. Natalie and I practically went pro at guitar and bass. Expert style. Also, expert at fighting over who gets the guitar part every song.

I am pretty sure she is a trickster (or Harry Potter), because I swear she gets the guitar part eighty two one hundredths of the time. Wool pulling over the eyes happening left and right by the hostess. Good thing she is one of my best friends or else it would be over.

No words.

Well, that is not true. I have words:

Raina, I bet you are thinking you are one lucky lady to be hitched to this American Idol. Maybe now you are thinking about staying in Minnesota? March it and get here already.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Conor Oberst

Guess who has the best brother/best friend? Me! My brother decided to surprise me with a ticket to Conor Oberst. He really knows how to cheer a girl up. I was beyond excited.

Walking to the show. Everything got really funny at this point; even though you can't tell by Jordan's face slash stance.
A night full of graceful melodies and brilliance. Did mention this show was outside? Well it was. My favorite way to see any band.

They played the above song which is one of my favorites.

A big phat thanks and high five to Jordan for that night.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Birthday Celebration

Be prepared to meet one of the most incredible, and influential people in my life.
My brother.
He is all sorts of zen and definitely my hero.

He does not love when I take his photo. He killed it with the "eff off butt munch" look.

63? Old man alert. Happy birthday boss.
This kid kills me.

Best Dad's ever.

Really? Who falls asleep at a desk? Gramps and Ron.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Roy's dance skills. They are brilliant, and cannot be duplicated.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Co-Worker Lunch

The best dollar I have ever spent was on these fake moustaches.
That is NOT a moustache. What is that thing? Despite the dead animal attached to my face I still managed to pull off the best dictator face imaginable.

Dictator #2. Evita was her inspiration.

Lost in translation.
I would love to know what these Dogs of Glee are all about. I should also point out that I love the abstract art that surrounds the wording. Nothing like a few random curvy lines to spice up a sign.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Things I Love Thursday

Most mornings I make myself a green smoothie for breakfast. I have been doing this for years, and it is one of the most beneficial things I have learned to date. Guess what happens when you drink green smoothies for breakfast? No mid-day slump. Don't believe me? Try it. This is just one benefit out of 139824572 of this magical drink.
Over the years I have slowly added more pizazz to my green smoothie. Dr. Christopher's Jurassic Green powder is one of the best food finds to date. This powder is flash dried alfalfa, barley, and wheat grass. It packs a nutritional punch. It is like having a vat of salad for breakfast.
Here is my latest recipe:
2 cups of water
As much spinach, kale, or any other dark leaf as I can stand (about 2 cups ish)
A handful of frozen fruit (If you are new to this start out heavy on the fruit. Light on the greens)
2 tsp. of Dr. Christopher's Jurassic Greens
1 tsp. of psyllium powder
1 tsp. of fruit powder
A splash of flaxseed oil

This recipe makes a larger than life smoothie. You can also add the Jurassic Green powder to your water bottle to get more green goodness. Gag. I have done one to many fasts and cleanses that have included that taste. If you can do it you are most likely that wizardly man upstairs.