Sunday, May 10, 2009

Practically A Grandma

I made this over the weekend:

How cute will this look with skirts and hosiery? That is right. C.U.T.E.S.T.
Embroidery never gets old.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Family Reunion Alert.

We all went to Albion to welcome Spence home over Easter Weekend.

Important notes about the weekend:

Road trips are hilarious. There is always ridiculous amounts of laughing.

Being with my extended family makes me feel like a kid again. I have the best memories of Idaho.

We stayed at a haunted college that we have all grown up hearing scary stories about. Some of us even explored it as kids. Imagine our surprise when we were informed we were sleeping there. One of the buildings was recently renovated as living quarters.

We had an Easter Egg Dying Contest. Coincidentally, Jordan and I were on a an egg dying team and won multiple times. We decided to go for the gold in such categories as "ugliest egg." We won a mini cat slash dog calendar out of that one. I was ecstatic because of my NOT love of cats and dogs.

We had an Easter egg hunt. The eggs were filled with money, and I scored $15 dollars-ish. I bought a lot of chocolate twizzlers with that $15 dollars on my way home.

A fake arm was found outside that managed to get carried around everywhere we went.

We sang showtunes, hula-hooped, played horseshoes, and read ghost stories.

Some of us even drank Vitamin D Milk.

Most importantly we missed those that were not with us.

I cannot wait for the next gathering: May16th - Cousin night! Write that down on your cat/dog calendar and be there.

EDIT: Cousin night is tentively planned to be a BBQ at Brooke's house. If more people from Logan want to come maybe we could plan it somewhere in the middle? You people should start emailing me stat. You all know I need plans.