Thursday, July 29, 2010

New York Part II

Bike ride to the Brooklyn Bridge.
Bike rides in New York are the most fun.
Bike buds.
We may or may not have almost rode our bikes on the freeway before this photo.
Adventure alert.

I cannot take credit for this photo but still got it.

This was my go to emergency phone when I was in danger.
Apparently my friends think only menacing acts happen in New York.
This one is for you Stacey.
I was like a good little boy scout and always prepared.
This is when we tried to copy the couple next to us taking cheesy engagement photos.
Nailed it.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New York Part I

I went to New York.
That is just how I am now.
I was able to meet my cousin who was a few blocks away from where I was staying.
She is equally as loud and bossy as I am.
Two loud and bossy people works in New York.
I am clearly in the wrong state.
She told me she has a secret plan to get me to move there.
I would love it.
Our cousin date was like speed dating.
Fast. Efficient. Informative. Fun.
My favorite things!
Such a great night.
Thank you little Megs.

This guy and I had a roller coaster of a week and it was awes.
The struggle.


Tea time.
"Here is your nine-year-old food for your nine-year-old actions."
Whateves Dad.
It was delish.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I almost forgot....

I had my annual accident.
It happened in April when I was on my weekly bike ride with 12-ish people (bike gang).
Not embarrassing at all.
It happened when I decided to ride Nate's fixed gear.
Good friend. Bad bike.
I love fixed gears but I am no longer allowed to ride them.
Such a crazy night.
I was really mad at everyone that they would not let me boss them around.
I just wanted to do my homework in the emergency waiting room. Cannot waste one moment of time.
Someone needs a reality check. Me.
The head bleeds...a lot.
I tried to play it off like I was fine and could ride home, but the blood gave it all away.
What a ruiner.
No thanks to the new girl in the group that upon seeing me exclaimed, "Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! There is blood everywhere."
I vetoed her out of ever being my friend at that moment.
I believe I leaned to my friend and said, "You cannot date her."
Thank you to extra Nate for rescuing me at a moment's notice, and driving me to my brother's house. I tried really hard not to get blood on the Subaru Brat. The cruck (a car-truck-aka the brat) is priceless.
Thank you so much to Nate, Scott, and Dani for getting me to the emergency room and then waiting for me to get my head the middle of the night.
I sent some rather nasty (or just hilarious) texts to all of you until I got some crackers and a pain pill.
True friends right there that can handle me in crisis.
Thank you for taking care of me the days that followed as well.
To Steve, great friend and best energy worker around, from saving my brain from disaster and healing me faster than modern medicine ever could. Pretty amazing you knew something was wrong instantly and contacted me. You are one in tune little shit.
Lastly, thank you to all of the friends that continually checked on me. You know who you are and your kindness will never be forgotten.
There is nothing like being loved when one truly needs it.
13 staples and a concussion that lasted for weeks.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Rock Climbing May 2010

When I was 18, going on 19, I was asked to babysit one Friday night for a new family that had just moved into the neighborhood from California.
I had pink and black hair then, and swing dancing was the only thing I cared about.
Oh man was I ever good at swing dancing...despite my height and giant-ness. So fun.
At that time I watched just about every child and cleaned most homes in the city.
I had done this since I was under ten.
To me it was another night that meant making money for dancing adventures, paying for life, and saving for the future.
What I did not know then is that I would become a live-in nanny, and a part of the family a few months after that opportune night.
13 years later and they are still in my life.
They invited me to go rock climbing with them and I did not hesitate to accept
In this photo I was getting a lesson about how to ruin photos. No really, that is his thing.
Oh angsty teens.
You are a hoot.
Wait until I scan photos of him with a binky in his mouth for all to see.
Angsty times one hundred will definitely happen.
I remember the day this little girl was born like it was yesterday.
Our daily interactions from newborn to toddler is something I will hold near and dear to my heart foreves (O.C. lingo).
She may have been world's best baby and now an amazing little girl.

Did you know I am afraid of heights? It is true but I still had so much exhausting fun.
Rock climbing may be my new thing.
Best couple alert. This guy is amazing.
Maybe even in the top ten greatest guys I have met in my life.
One day he just showed up with lunch as a surprise for me and April.
Mr. Thoughtful.
I love that.
I am so happy he is going to be in the family and I love that he loves them as much as I do.

As for April, words cannot describe the little angel she has been in my life.
She has always seen the best in me when even I could not see it.
She encompasses a mother, sister, and best friend in one person for me.
My favorite line of the day was said by the oldest, "Don't move to New York or I will go blind." We have come a long way from fighting over him practicing the piano, his love of Pokemon, me being the hired help that should serve him, to him going blind if I am out of state.
Great kid.
Strike that.
Brilliant kid.
Love him.
He can play the piano like a modern day Chopin. He pulled out the Dvorak's Slavonic Dances (favorite for many years) the other day and played them like it was no big deal.
I am very proud of him and his accomplishments.

I love you all.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ron Grows Up May 2010

Ron decided to have another birthday.
Let me tell you why I love this kid.
He has so much personality that it is intoxicating.
He is also so smart you can carry on an adult conversation with him....
and then he will say something so funny you will giggle like a child.
He is everything I wish I could be, in the most simple way, and he is only four.
He is solid and genuine.
I embrace every part of his intricate little personality.
I am very lucky to have him in my life, and I sometimes even get to faux parent him.
Happy birthday!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Pinewood Derby in April

There once was this time where I got invited to a pinewood derby.
Believe it.
A pinewood derby for grown-ups.
Random and awesome? I accept.
How could I pass up a day of kid-like adventure?
My team came in something like 7th out of 1923049801 people.
I cannot take credit for that one.
Winning is courtesy of one guy that went pro at building victorious wooden cars.
Nice honest work boss.

I also cannot take credit for these impressive photos.
They are also courtesy of the pinewood derby car building pro.
Thanks for a great day.
I loved every second of it.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A Night Out Thanks to Raina.

There was once a night where Raina hatched a plan to go to this rad studio that had eclectic music.
I accept anything random and different.
I also like it when someone other than me plans the night and is in charge.
Thank you Raina for making an amazing night happen.
New friend. Old friend.
A cello? Really? Does anyone know how much I love the cello? A lot.
A lot. A lot.
...but alas I can only play hot cross buns on the thing.
This chick played the cello 2010 style.
Maybe I want to be good at everything.

Great night that followed with incredible dancing at the W.
Yep, these Mom's have still got it on the dance floor.
I love that.
Thank you for including me in your night out on the town.

Leslie and The LY's

A couple of months ago Leslie Hall came to town.
Her performance is nothing short of a crazy theatrical performance.
Her music is hilarious, danceable, and awes.
She wears a gold suit.
These items are all right up my alley of happiness.
I was deathly ill, and as Mark so nicely said, "clammy."
Um, It is called a fever.
Thanks guy.
Birthquake also played and killed it.
They always do.
The outfits we (thrift stores with Nick and Scott? Endless laughter) found for them were perfect.
Complimented Leslie's getup very nicely.
I really blew it on the photos this night, but what I am trying to say is this particular Saturday was one of the best in the first quarter of 2010.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Love the Original. Love the Cover.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Masquerade Birthday Party

I am really lucky to keep so many past friends from my life that I grew up with.
This includes high school friends. You can never replace friends like these. Thank God I got to keep them.
Darren and Diana? Great friends and amazing people slash parents. They live in a different world than I but I still look up to them in so many ways.
You two equal amazing.
Birthday girl alert! kick ass. No other words. I am pretty sure everyone on the planet wants to be you.
Happy birthday!
We love masquerade balls.
Babe alert! You never even needed an initiation Rainb...we loved you always...from day one.

Happy birthday Hillary.
You win at everything and we are incredibly grateful we are apart of you life.
We look up to you and all that you are.
In short, we love you the mostest.
Oh, and we happen to love Davy too.

St. Patrick's Day...

Nate loves so many things about this beverage.
I love this photo for so many reasons.
Too many to list.

Four different amazing friends in one unexpected shot? I accept.

Dancing St. Patrick's day style.

They loved it the most and so did I.
Dancing never fails....never ever
This guy is a dancing machine.
No seriously.
Dance with him and you are instantly pro.

Friends I miss that parted ways.
That is code for life.
It will get you every single time.
Always the best dancers.

So many worlds of friends united.

Classic. I love these two.

Best friends that did not even know it in 1997.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

After San Francisco Came Arizona...

I have this really amazing friend who decided to take a huge leap and follow her career path.
She is pretty much kick ass.
I miss her since she has moved but I am oh so proud.
I was lucky enough to be able to stop by to see her on my way home from California.
We got some really good best friend time in that weekend.
You know the usual: talking, shopping, eating, laughing, and crying.
What a bunch of girly babies.
Cannot wait to go back for round two of best friend weekend.