Sunday, December 20, 2009

Friday, December 18, 2009

Cruise Part Two

Every night there was a fancy dinner that included an insane amount of food.
Cutest friends slash bunk mates. Macarena on the deck.

This is where the night life began.

Bedroom dance or bedroom eyes? You be the judge.

We danced all the live long night.

The entire group of girls.

This was the part in the cruise when La Shanda asked if she could be my sidekick, because all sorts of weird stuff happens to me. She really wanted to experience the weird encounters. I told her to submit a resume....until I saw this pose. Instant sidekick.

Katie is a real live pilot. Jealous and love her.
Thanks to all of my new best friends for the best trip of oh nine.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cruise Part One

My friend Katie called me on a warm summer day, and invited me on a cruise to the Bahamas. I agreed instantly to go with a group of girls I have never met in my life.
So spontaneous and not like me one bit.
Apparently the new me is spontaneous as shiv.
It was a great decision.
Getting to Florida to go on my cruise was a disaster. DISASTER. I made it though with the help of a few key people. Thank you for making it happen, because without you I was about to crawl back into my bed and give up. Another thank you to those that called and text me during the process of getting there.
Yes, I still have great friends in my life.
On the first day of the cruise there was a mandatory "how to save your life if we sink" briefing.
These are thing we did mid brief. Aka. Not listen.
Still not listening but we are oh so happy.
Setting sail from Florida. These girls are two of the three bunk mates in my tiny little room.
Scenic picture equals boring, but I had to do it.
Most of us were overcoming post seasickness this day.
Note to self: Do not go on a cruise right after a hurricane has passed through.
Not great.
Katie loves the Bahamas.
Classic tourist photo alert and new best friends.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


How did I almost forget to post about Halloween? What a jerk.
This is what we looked like post being rushed.
We were told we were not in trouble for being slow...but it sure felt like it. Like little kids in trouble.
For the record...not a fan of so much makeup on my face, but I will say Nate did a stellar job.
First on our list on all hallows eve was a bunch of house parties and then dancing.

Party animal Scott! Best costume.

Dancing machines.

Sorry to Mags for no photos of her that night.
Also sorry to those that did not get to go dancing.
Next year we are going to make it the best Halloween ever. Ever!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Adventure Thursday

Adventure Thursday included a trip to Smith and Edwards.
This place is like a little drop of heaven or a heavenly army surplus amusement park.
Diet Coke? Check. Happy to be exploring? Check.
I want to buy this train and make it into a house. It is rad.

This is me trying to come up with a persuasive argument to convince my Dad to buy it for me. Does that make me sound spoiled? Yes? Okay. Throw in a pony as well Dad.

Fallen warriors.

Flammable and also the best photo of the day.

Studious Efforts

There should be a law against friends studying together.
We NEVER get any studying done at the library. Only laughs.
We have good intentions....
but the road to hell is paved with good intentions I hear.
Is that true? I do not think I believe that old proverb.
Sounds like horse shiv to me.
The libray is still fun though.
Even if there are creepy staring ax murders at our sides.
Exhibit A of not doing anything about anything.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


This is how we looked on our way to see Pinback.
Obviously beyond happy.
We should have been.
It was a night to remember.
One can never see Pinback too many times.
Which is why I am on number three of witnessing their act.
The next day we went to out breakfast AND made homemade breakfast.
What a bunch of tubbies.
Then we played in the leaves.
Took a walk around the block.

All whilst Suzanne was in her own world.
Loving every second of the beautiful fall day.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I went to a scrapbook convention of sorts. I did. I really did. Mostly I went to visit the CEO of scrapbooking. Not to create; however, there was creativity everywhere. It was a rad event that I secretly wish I attended.
Instead I just reaped the rewards (gifts and popcorn!) like a good little non attender should.
This is what it looks like when the CEO and I fake scrapbook ourselves in real life.
This is practically an engagement photo. Sorry about your luck J Mills.