Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I received a CD request from my friend today. This is by far the best email I have ever received:

Dear Violator,

I might die if I don't get Catching up With Depeche mode right now i might die. do you have it at work and can email it to me?
This is a weird random request I know, but its ok, don't worry about me.
If you don't have it, I probably won't die. I may have exaggerated the gravity of the situation.


Not Enjoying the Silence

Yes. This email is real. I have the great friends. I know you are jealous right now.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fourth of July: Part Two

After Sundance it was back to Salt Lake. Yes, I drive a lot. Too much.
Andy threw a mean American party that included the best decorations I have ever seen.

We did not leave this spot all night.
It was the spot to get some perspective on life.

I found some lettuce wraps to eat, and was so incredibly happy.

.....until I realized there was onions in that red bowl. Classic "I hate onions" face.

There was a fancy photographer taking pictures. Talent alert.
Some of the greatest friends I have are in this photo.
Love them.
This is when Dani got Laura's number for snowboarding lessons.
She is one speed dial button away from turning into a jock.
In other news: Dani was able to get Laura to wear lipgloss. Believe it.
Cute not couple.
Best accessory of the night? The guy in the speedo.
We looked over and he was walking around in his American birthday suit.
Apparently that is how one should celebrate their love for America.
The speedo man made his way over to the perspective spot to hang out with the ladies. I was able to get him to repeat the pick up line he tried to use on me on camera. Incredible/offensive.
It was almost instant love, and you are about to see why.
(Warning: He says ass a few times so if you are easily offended or my not watch it.)
I now leave you with Speedo's powerful rendition of "Born in the U.S.A."

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Fourth of July: Part One

Fourth of July this year was one of my all time favorites in my life.

The day started out with a classic bike ride.

Bikes never get old if you are wondering.

First stop of the morning: Park Cafe.
Guess who almost dropped their brand new camera into a glass of water one second after this photo of Stace and me? I thought balancing the camera on top of a glass full of water for a timer picture would be a great idea. Stacey thought this was a very bad idea. I was all and like, "Duh. I know what I am doing. Don't you know me but at all? I don't drop things." I tried to flip my hair for dramatic effect to make the statement really hit home; however, turns out she was right. I am a dropper.
Look how happy we are? Why?
We triumphed over food and opted to share our breakfast. Truly a feat for us.
Next destination: Sugarhouse Arts Festival. It was a likes this kind of a bike ride.

I mean really...who doesn't like to ride up 21st South on a single gear steel framed bike?

The guy below was a real gem. He tried to convince me of the following:

-That he was Ringo Starr

-A member of the Royal Family

-Head of the Military

-Some sort of music producer for every band ever made

When I questioned his validity he marched off. I bet he learned the skematics of good marching when he was the head of the military.

Next stop: One of my favorite antique stores in Sugarhouse.

I really loved these glasses and wanted them for bike riding purposes.

Next stop: Sundance.

There are no pictures to prove it, but it was incredible.

It was a repeat of last year's Sundance independence day party as seen here:

Friday, August 7, 2009

Anyone that truly knows me knows that Bob Dylan's Lay Lady Lay will calm me down in an instant. This song is my happy place. Combine this happy place of a song with a record player, my best friend, and I am practically in the promised land.

I usually am not a fan of cover songs, but this one is dreamy. It actually rivals the original.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


The four of us went to see Cursive. I love this band, and they were in my top ten to see before death. Check!

Great live entertainment.